Meet Our Scholars

Eight Live Más Scholarships Awarded at Sacramento Kings Game

  To kick off the 2024 Live Más Scholarship season, the Taco Bell Foundation teamed up with the Sacramento Kings and local franchise owners to surprise a group of Live Más Scholarship recipients.  During the April 14 home game, the Kings and Taco Bell Foundation welcomed eight scholars to the court where they were awarded…

Scholar Spotlight: Cecile Schreidah

A Young Philanthropist’s Journey to Starting Her Own Nonprofit       In a world brimming with challenges, today’s youth are emerging as catalysts for change. The 2023 Youth Right Now survey reveals that 81% of youth feel they can make a difference. However, the path to effecting change isn’t always straightforward, and it can be tough…

Scholar Spotlight: Citlali Delgado

2023 Live Más Scholarship Recipient Citlali Delgado grew up in an environment seeping with creativity. From mischievously illustrating on walls as a child to sewing folklorico dresses with her abuelita, it was only a matter of time before her family’s roots in art and expressive environment fueled dreams of a career in art and design.…

Summer of Connection 2023

This summer, 300 Live Más Scholarship recipients gathered for an in-person conference during “Summer of Connection”. Scholars cultivated the necessary skills and connections needed to boldly pursue their careers and make a difference in their community while building a lasting community with their peers. Watch the recap video to learn more!

Scholar Spotlight: Jeffrey Acevedo

Jeffrey Acevedo – Four time Live Más Scholarship Recipient, Education Activist and People Champion College for most is a time of self-discovery, a time for individuals to grow and to uncover the passions that will fuel their path moving forward. For Live Más Scholar Jeffrey Acevedo, college did just that. Heading into his freshman year…

Kimberly Uehisa – 2022 Live Más Scholarship Recipient, Ambition Accelerator Finalist and Health Activist

While in high school, Kimberly Uehisa was diagnosed with high blood pressure and experienced firsthand what health inequity looks like. However, instead of standing by and looking past this inequity, she decided that it was her responsibility to initiate change for herself and others and to learn what it means to be your own healthcare…

Scholar Spotlight: Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor – 2022 Live Más Scholarship Recipient, Dancer, Student and Activist   2022 Live Más Scholarship recipient Brooke Taylor fell in love with the art of dance at an early age. Over the past 18 years, her love for dance has turned into a passion that extends beyond the stage into her education, her community…

Live Más Scholar Listed in Forbes 30 Under 30

Meet Mato Standing Soldier. South Dakota Native, Live Más Scholarship recipient from 2016 to 2019, Film and TV Composer, and one of the latest young people to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Mato’s passion for music and entertainment began at a young age. Growing up, he did everything within his power to ensure…

Meet the 2022 Live Más Scholarship Recipients

Defining What It Means to be a Woman in STEM

Live Más Scholar Julia Carlin shares how she’s fighting for women’s equality in the Veterinary Medicine field

Pianist Finds Community through Live Más Scholarship

$50,000 Awarded to Future Educators Around the Country

Thanks to the College Football Playoff Foundation, 50 Live Más Scholars with a passion for education received additional scholarship funds to pursue their educational goals.

Celebrating Uniqueness in Art

Live Más Scholar Arin Goldsmith shares her artistic journey and how she embraced her uniqueness to find her niche.

Meet our 2020 Live Más Scholarship Recipients

In 2020, the Taco Bell Foundation is awarding 450+ new and renewal recipients with nearly $1.9 million in scholarships. Read more about 10 of our newest Passioneers and how they are impacting their communities.

Meet the 2020 Recipients of the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees

In 2020, the Taco Bell Foundation is awarding 157 Taco Bell Team Members with more than $1.1 million in scholarships. Learn more about 10 Team Members who are pursuing their passions and inspiring others.

Nash C.

Meet Nash, the photojournalist.

Jazmine M.

Meet Jazmine, future international hospitality professional.

Meet our Future Educators

In honor of American Education Week, we’re celebrating three Live Más Scholars who are changing the world as educators.

From Tacos to Tokyo: Hannah Whitaker’s Story

Meet Hannah, future international english teacher.

James H.

Meet James, future news anchor.

Michelle H.

Meet Michelle, the STEM educator.

Tatianna M.

Meet Tatianna, the fashion designer.

Luis M.

Meet Luis, aspiring dance therapist.

Amanda R.

Meet Amanda, the mentor.

Mauricio B.

Meet Mauricio, aspiring environmental engineer.

Abby Leighton

Abby L.

Meet Abby, the artist & freelance graphic designer.

Jonathan C.

Meet Jonathan, aspiring filmmaker.

Ricarda U.

Meet Ricarda, future doctor.

Emma D.

Meet Emma, photographer and filmmaker.

Manny M.

Meet Manny, future environmental engineer.

Justin S.

Meet Justin, a talented writer.

Khorii T.

Meet Khorii, an aspiring dancer.