Nash C.

Meet Nash, the Photojournalist

When Nash first applied for a Live Más Scholarship in 2017, he was an author whose poetry and short stories garnered thousands of followers online. With two self-published books, Nash’s affinity for storytelling and identity as a creator strengthened—but would soon take a new form. He began photography as a New Year’s resolution, and he and his camera have been inseparable ever since.
As a sophomore at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, Nash experiments with all types of photography working as a newspaper, magazine, and events photographer. Scroll to learn more about Nash’s lifelong penchant for creativity and how it has led him to a career in photojournalism.
Nash’s original application video

Realizing His Identity as a Creator

Nash has always considered himself to be a creator—but it has taken many forms throughout his life. In high school, he was a drum major in the marching band. In fact, this experience gave him the courage to divert from his family’s traditional path of science and medicine to consider creativity long-term.
“My high school band director was the first person to fully believe in me as a creator,” recalls Nash. “He helped me hone my skills and gave me the self-confidence I needed to wholeheartedly explore my talents.”

Exploring the Human Experience through Poetry

From music came poetry, the art form that allowed Nash to reach his widest audience. Centered on the human experience, Nash’s works highlighted love and loss, initially serving as an outlet to cope with stressors in his own life.
When he began sharing his works online, however, he realized the impact his words could have on others. Through poetry, he had the ability to uplift, support, and connect thousands of readers across the globe.

Evolving His Passion for Storytelling into Photography

Throughout the years, Nash’s creativity has grown from music, to poetry, and now photography. When he began dabbling in photography his senior year of high school, he first used it to supplement his written words and provide a multi-sensory experience for his readers. However, his preference for visual storytelling was cemented when he entered college at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill in fall of 2017.
Nash discovered the field of photojournalism as a photographer for the student-run newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel. Through his work with the Daily Tar Heel, Nash uses his photography to bring important local and university news to life. Whether he’s covering a basketball game or public speaking event, Nash’s photos serve as a powerful communication tool to students and beyond.

Living His Dream as a Photographer at UNC

Today, Nash is pursuing his passion for storytelling as a double major in media and journalism and communication studies. He continues to capture a variety of student events important to the UNC-Chapel Hill community as a photographer for both the Daily Tar Heel and student union on-campus. He has also recently begun exploring fashion photography with Coulture Magazine.
Soon, Nash will take his talents internationally. He was accepted into a highly-selective international affairs program and will travel to Latin America for a capstone project that explores the socio-economic and political effects of migration. Although he’s a highly experienced portraiture and lifestyle photographer, Nash welcomes opportunities that stretch his creative muscles and allow him to develop a diverse and well-rounded understanding of photography. “I know that as long as I have a camera in my hand, I am happy.”
To check out Nash’s work, visit his website.