Jazmine M.

Meet Jazmine, future international hospitality professional

Jazmine has a heart for helping others—that’s just one of the reasons why, at 16 years old, she walked into her local Taco Bell in Leavenworth, Kansas to join the team. Now a young adult, Jazmine plans to use the customer service skills she developed at Taco Bell to transition into a career in hotel management. As a hospitality professional, Jazmine hopes to provide unmatched service and unforgettable experiences to resort guests across the globe.
Today, Jazmine is a first-year at the University of Nevada—Las Vegas (UNLV), pursuing a degree in international hospitality management. Scroll to learn more about Jazmine’s journey to Las Vegas and beyond.
Jazmine’s original application video

Pursuing a Career in Customer Care

Jazmine’s dream to work in international hotel management stems from her innate people-oriented nature. “I’ve always known that I wanted to take care of people and make them smile. With a career in hotel management, I’m able to accomplish that by helping my customers get away from the stresses of everyday life.”
With an international concentration, there is no limit to Jazmine’s impact. From mountainscapes to oceansides, she hopes to work in different resorts across the world, helping her guests experience the beauty of different cultures.

Life as a First-Year at UNLV

With one full semester of college under her belt, Jazmine has loved her classes so far. She especially enjoyed her Introduction to Hospitality course, and is grateful for the opportunity to receive a formal education in a sector that she has been passionate about for years. Jazmine is also a member of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, UNLV’s largest hospitality club that links students with tours and volunteer opportunities in resorts along the Las Vegas strip. When she’s not studying, Jazmine can be found working out or catching a movie with her roommates.
While living away from home has its challenges, Jazmine appreciates the growth and independence she has found because of them. “College has opened so many doors for me, and I’m excited for what’s to come!”

Taco Bell as an Anchor to Home

Less than two months after moving to Las Vegas, Jazmine joined the crew at the dazzling Taco Bell Cantina, located directly on the Las Vegas strip. Jazmine believes that the fast-paced, customer-focused dynamic of the restaurant industry will serve as a strong foundation for her future internship, a requirement for all third- and fourth-year hospitality students at UNLV.
Additionally, working at Taco Bell has provided an unintentional, but much welcome, benefit for Jazmine: it reminds her of home! “Working at the Taco Bell Cantina has been so much fun and has helped me emotionally during my transition to college. It’s my anchor to home.”
Jazmine with Taco Bell restaurant owner David Grieve and team