James H.

Meet James, Future News Anchor

As a young child, James found a lifelong passion and career aspiration while creating mock newscasts and skits at home. Over the next decade, he pursued every journalism experience that came his way—he signed up for an audiovisual journalism class at his high school and worked with a mentor to find real-world opportunities to put his passion into action.
Today, James is a 2018 Live Más Scholarship recipient and Taco Bell team member pursuing his professional studies at Pima Community College in Tuscon, Arizona. Scroll to read more about James’ journey to become a news anchor.

From Childhood Hobby to Lifelong Passion

James can trace his passion back to 4th grade when he began sharing the morning announcements with his class. Whether he promoted upcoming school events or the day’s lunch menu, he loved the platform morning announcements provided, allowing students to share stories, thoughts, or information with each other. At home, his parents nurtured his journalistic skills. In front of a green-screen with his mother as his cameraman, James created short videos of mock newscasts and skits that he proudly shared with his family. As he grew older, his childhood fervor for news broadcasting would later lead him to the audiovisual production class at his high school.

Putting His Passion into Action

Enrolling in the video production class on-campus provided James with a diverse array of on-the-job learning, both inside and outside the classroom. At school, James practiced his skills as a newscaster for his high school’s news station. In addition to his coursework, James’ teacher and mentor, Richard Booth, connected him with local news stations for hands-on opportunities to explore his passion in the community. He job shadowed news anchor Dan Marries of KOLD News 13 and joined local news reporter Kristi Tedesco for a series of interviews with local businesses. He’s also appeared in both a commercial and safety video for local businesses, allowing him to gain knowledge in different types of video production. All of these opportunities have strengthened his commitment to become a news anchor.

Being Awarded a Live Más Scholarship

After two years as a Taco Bell team member, James applied for a Live Más Scholarship in spring 2018 with the encouragement of his restaurant’s franchise organization. His franchise and restaurant team organized a party to surprise James with the scholarship, inviting his family to celebrate this accomplishment alongside him.
With his Live Más Scholarship, James will complete his general education courses at Pima Community College, before transferring to Arizona State University’s Walter Kronkite School of Journalism. His ultimate goal is to be a news anchor that is transparent and honest in his reporting, and to share the stories of his community authentically and without bias. James’ ambitious and industrious work ethic will serve him well as he continues his journey to become a newscaster.