Tatianna M.

Meet Tatianna, the Fashion Designer

When Tatianna applied for one of the first Live Más Scholarships in 2015, she was already living out her dream to become a fashion designer. While attending San Jose State University as a business student, she was also the founder and creative director of her company, Woodmorning. To Tatianna, this success has been long in the making—her aspiration to be a clothing designer stems from a childhood passion for creativity and uniqueness.
Now only weeks away from graduation, we checked in with Tatianna to learn more about how she has evolved as a fashion designer and her plans after college. Scroll to read more.

Fashion as a source of empowerment and expression 

Since childhood, Tatianna always felt encouraged to wear what she wanted and to view fashion as a form of expression. While she did not shy away from bold and unconventional fashion choices, she noticed that others around her seemed stilted by fear of being judged. “My passion came from seeing people want to be more comfortable in what they wear, but hesitant to try new things.” Fueled by the sense of empowerment fashion has always afforded Tatianna, she created Woodmorning to evoke similar feelings of confidence and enable expression in others.

Her evolution as a fashion designer 

Now just a month away from graduation, Tatianna is wrapping up her studies at San Jose State University as a business and marketing major while simultaneously launching Woodmorning’s summer collection. When reflecting on the past four years with Woodmorning, Tatianna is appreciative for all of the ways she and her company have improved. “I have better manufacturing partners, I know more about fabric quality and design, and my assortment is wider and more versatile. I have had more time to [develop] the image I want Woodmorning to send.” This past year with Woodmorning has also marked one of her proudest accomplishments—the first year her company has profited.

Using her design and business experience after college 

Tatianna is looking forward to growing her company after graduation. While she plans to continue to offer original pieces through Woodmorning, she also hopes to use her design and business experience to work within the creative department of a larger like-minded company. “I want to partner with a company that I care about and believe in, but will also foster my creativity, and help me develop Woodmorning.” Ultimately, Tatianna’s future is guided by advice she has received over the years: “Trust yourself. Trust your thought process more and don’t be afraid to take risks.”