Through its Community Grants program, the Taco Bell Foundation is supporting more than 450 youth-serving nonprofit organizations that break down barriers to educational and career success.  IRVINE, Calif. (June 5, 2024) – Today, the Taco Bell Foundation announced it is awarding nearly $23 million in grants – the most in the nonprofit’s history – to more…

Meet the Scholars: Celebrating Outstanding Recipients of the 2024 Live Más Scholarship

For nine years, the Taco Bell Foundation has fueled students’ boldest ambitions to create good through the Live Más Scholarship, a program rooted in the belief that our youth hold the key to the future. By providing transformative scholarships, valuable networking platforms, and professional development resources, we’re simply adding to the fervor that’s already burning…

Eight Live Más Scholarships Awarded at Sacramento Kings Game

  To kick off the 2024 Live Más Scholarship season, the Taco Bell Foundation teamed up with the Sacramento Kings and local franchise owners to surprise a group of Live Más Scholarship recipients.  During the April 14 home game, the Kings and Taco Bell Foundation welcomed eight scholars to the court where they were awarded…

Scholar Spotlight: Cecile Schreidah

A Young Philanthropist’s Journey to Starting Her Own Nonprofit       In a world brimming with challenges, today’s youth are emerging as catalysts for change. The 2023 Youth Right Now survey reveals that 81% of youth feel they can make a difference. However, the path to effecting change isn’t always straightforward, and it can be tough…


    In its ninth year of the Live Más Scholarship program, The Taco Bell Foundation is investing in the future success of young people across the country.     IRVINE, Calif., April. 25, 2024 – Today, the Taco Bell Foundation announced it is awarding $10 million in Live Más Scholarships, providing over 1,000 passion-driven students with resources…

Taco Bell Foundation Launches the 2024 Ambition Accelerator

Ambition Accelerator is back and bolder than ever! The Taco Bell Foundation’s signature social entrepreneurship program (funded by Yum! Brand’s Unlocking Opportunity Initiative) is now open for its second year of applications, this time with more opportunities to drive positive change—now in both the U.S. and India.   The program invites young rising movers and…

Taco Bell Foundation’s Grant World of Choices Program Events

AM800 Canada Guest host Kyle Horner is joined by Karen Gallant, CEO of JA South Western Ontario to talk about the Taco Bell Foundation and the benefit it has for students.

Orange County Business Council: Making a Difference

As we step into this season of giving, it might be difficult to envision what food pantries, an Italian immigrant, an Orange County high school student, banks and a national restaurant chain have in common. In Orange County, a lot. Individually, each has either given back to their community, or has been a recipient of…

Scholar Spotlight: Citlali Delgado

2023 Live Más Scholarship Recipient Citlali Delgado grew up in an environment seeping with creativity. From mischievously illustrating on walls as a child to sewing folklorico dresses with her abuelita, it was only a matter of time before her family’s roots in art and expressive environment fueled dreams of a career in art and design.…

Summer of Connection 2023

This summer, 300 Live Más Scholarship recipients gathered for an in-person conference during “Summer of Connection”. Scholars cultivated the necessary skills and connections needed to boldly pursue their careers and make a difference in their community while building a lasting community with their peers. Watch the recap video to learn more!

Scholar Spotlight: Jeffrey Acevedo

Jeffrey Acevedo – Four time Live Más Scholarship Recipient, Education Activist and People Champion College for most is a time of self-discovery, a time for individuals to grow and to uncover the passions that will fuel their path moving forward. For Live Más Scholar Jeffrey Acevedo, college did just that. Heading into his freshman year…

Kimberly Uehisa – 2022 Live Más Scholarship Recipient, Ambition Accelerator Finalist and Health Activist

While in high school, Kimberly Uehisa was diagnosed with high blood pressure and experienced firsthand what health inequity looks like. However, instead of standing by and looking past this inequity, she decided that it was her responsibility to initiate change for herself and others and to learn what it means to be your own healthcare…

Taco Bell Foundation awards two Hawaii employees with scholarships

Raiders’ Davante Adams helps surprise 6 Las Vegas students with scholarships

Breaking Down Barriers to Education

THE TACO BELL FOUNDATION SERVES UP $10 MILLION IN LIVE MÁS SCHOLARSHIPS TO EDUCATE, INSPIRE, AND CONNECT FUTURE LEADERS The Taco Bell Foundation is breaking down barriers to education for young people pursuing their passions, in a record-breaking year for applications and awards. IRVINE, Calif. (April 26, 2023) – Today, the Taco Bell Foundation announced it is…

Seven Taco Bell Fans Surprised with Live Más Scholarships during Sacramento Kings Game

The Taco Bell Foundation has kicked off their 2023 Live Más Scholarship season with a little help from the Sacramento Kings. On April 2nd, during the halftime show of the Sacramento Kings game against the San Antonio Spurs, the Taco Bell Foundation, alongside local Taco Bell Franchise Owners, awarded seven Taco Bell fans with Live…

Scholar Spotlight: Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor – 2022 Live Más Scholarship Recipient, Dancer, Student and Activist   2022 Live Más Scholarship recipient Brooke Taylor fell in love with the art of dance at an early age. Over the past 18 years, her love for dance has turned into a passion that extends beyond the stage into her education, her community…

Live Más Scholar Listed in Forbes 30 Under 30

Meet Mato Standing Soldier. South Dakota Native, Live Más Scholarship recipient from 2016 to 2019, Film and TV Composer, and one of the latest young people to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Mato’s passion for music and entertainment began at a young age. Growing up, he did everything within his power to ensure…

2022 in Review

2022 was a groundbreaking year for the Taco Bell Foundation as we celebrated our 30th Anniversary, launched a new program, and committed to raising $100 million by 2026 to continue supporting our nonprofit partners, scholars, and change-makers. Your support helped us reach many milestones in breaking down barriers to education for young people nationwide. Check…

Clifton County Youth Council Awarded $7K from Taco Bell

Meet The Rising Young Entrepreneur Backed by The Taco Bell Foundation’s Ambition Accelerator

After three inspiring days at the inaugural Ambition Accelerator Summit, the Taco Bell Foundation, along with its partners Taco Bell and fellow nonprofit Ashoka, announced the top changemaker and winner of a $25,000 social impact grant: Sparkle Whitaker, founder of The Onyx Incubator. The Onyx Incubator, based in Sparkle’s hometown of Chicago, offers workshops on…

The Next Milestone in our Journey to Empowering Passionate Young People

September marked the next milestone of the Taco Bell Foundation’s Ambition Accelerator, with the announcement of the top 26 teams of ambitious changemakers who have been selected to move to the next round of this inaugural program. For decades, the Taco Bell Foundation has been championing young people through various grants, scholarships and events. The…

Taco Bell Foundation Brings Live Más Scholars Together through Summer of Creativity

  This July, the Taco Bell Foundation gave 100 Live Más Scholarship recipients a reason to come together during the Summer of Creativity – our first ever in-person conference designed to offer Live Más Scholars a dedicated space to network and share their passions with likeminded individuals. This year’s Summer of Creativity was certainly one…

Breaking down barriers to education for 30 years

The Taco Bell Foundation is celebrating 30 years of educating and inspiring future leaders. To honor the occasion, the Taco Bell Foundation made a commitment to raise $100 million by 2026 to continue its mission of championing young scholars, Taco Bell team members, and entrepreneurs on their journeys to create positive change. Alongside the commitment,…

Taco Bell Foundation commits to raising $100 million by 2026

Boys and Girls Club receives $55,000 grant

Live Más Scholars Host Taco Bell Foundation Fundraiser at Nashville Cantina

Workplace Equity Highlight: The Taco Bell Foundation

Ambition Accelerator - The Taco Bell Foundation’s New Social Impact Program

Everything you need to know about the Taco Bell Foundation’s New Social Impact Program, the Ambition Accelerator  

Live Más Scholar & Star of Boys & Girls Club College Bound Program

Live Más Scholar Combines Passions for Spanish Language and Business

Childersburg, Winfield Taco Bell employees awarded $10K scholarships

Taco Bell Foundation awards $25K scholarships to 2 Auburn employees

Sonoma student wins $10,000 scholarship from Taco Bell Foundation

Beaumont student wins Taco Bell Foundation’s $25K Live Más Scholarship

Meet the 2022 Live Más Scholarship Recipients

Virginia Teen Receives Taco Bell Foundation Scholarship

Taco Bell Employee Receives $20,000 Scholarship

Live Más Scholar goes to Hollywood on ‘American Idol’

Defining What It Means to be a Woman in STEM

Live Más Scholar Julia Carlin shares how she’s fighting for women’s equality in the Veterinary Medicine field

Student Applies ‘Jobs for America’s Graduates’ Skills at Taco Bell

Live Más Scholar Spotlight: Jasmyn Jordan

Live Más Scholar Jasmyn Jordan shares how she fights for civil justice in her community and beyond

Fueling Future Generations With The Taco Bell Foundation

Live Más Scholar’s Nonprofit Turns Bread Tags into Wheelchairs for Kids

Live Más Scholar Spotlight: Sof Delgado

Live Más Scholar Sof Delago shares how they are using their passion for theatre to create social change.

Taco Bell Foundation Introduces Emergency Relief Grant Program

The Taco Bell Foundation launches Emergency Relief Grant Program to support its nonprofit partners in the wake of natural disaster

Taco Bell® Spices Up The Path To Higher Education With Lil Nas X

Pianist Finds Community through Live Más Scholarship

Taco Bell Foundation Partner Announces Millions In New College Scholarships

Taco Bell Testing Monthly Taco Subscription Feature

Taco Bell Foundation Partner Tackling Student Loan Crisis

Lil Nas X to Award Live Más Scholarships

How One Scholar’s Passions for Sports turned into an Opportunity for Higher Education

Live Más Scholar Andre Vasquez combines his passions for sports and helping his community.

Live Más Scholar Appears in Lil Nas X Music Video

College Student Gets Unique Corporate Taco Bell Experience

Live Más Scholar Releases Inspirational Children’s Book

Tribute to 2020 & 2021 Live Más Scholarship Graduates

Live Más Scholar Bryana Appley reflects on the music video tribute she created with two other scholars to honor scholars who graduated during the pandemic.

Scholar Offers Free Bilingual Personal Finance Resources

Live Más Scholar Alejandra Magaña Gamero shares the importance of making free access to basic financial literacy resources a priority

The Making of Album, “Birth of a Melodist”

Live Más Scholar Vaysou7 provides insight on the creative process and themes around his album “Birth of a Melodist.”

Capturing Mental Health Issues Through Film

Live Más Scholar Jaiden Turner shares personal journey and hope for others facing mental health issues through her short film, “Breathe.”

Combining Passions: Skateboarding and Filmmaking 

Live Más Scholar Maya Volpacchio dives into the world of women’s skateboarding and encourages others to stick with their passion.

Taco Bell Foundation awards $17 million towards grants, scholarships nationwide

Honoring a Veteran’s Legacy Through Film

Live Más Scholar Dylan Wallace pays tribute to his World War II veteran grandfather’s life and legacy through his documentary, War Tugs.

Taco Bell awarding $17M in scholarships, youth grants

Teen Wins Rare $25K Taco Bell Scholarship

‘Live Más’ Scholarships Benefit 100 California Students, Programs

Living Más Through Film: The Inspiring Stories Of Young Creators

$50,000 Awarded to Future Educators Around the Country

Thanks to the College Football Playoff Foundation, 50 Live Más Scholars with a passion for education received additional scholarship funds to pursue their educational goals.

Celebrating Uniqueness in Art

Live Más Scholar Arin Goldsmith shares her artistic journey and how she embraced her uniqueness to find her niche.

Finding Community and Culture in College

Live Más Scholar Leslie Ponce-Diaz shares the importance of leaving your comfort zone and embracing community as a first-generation college student.

Summer of Inspiration

This summer, nearly 750 Scholars connected through the Live Más Scholarship Summer of Inspiration, a 6-week virtual conference developed to catalyze inspiration, action and resilience in a time of change.

Taco Bell Foundation & Mentor Launch Peer Mentoring Supplement

The Taco Bell Foundation and MENTOR collaborate on research supplement to highlight the effectiveness of “near peer” mentoring relationships.

A TV Star, CEO, and High School Student Who Cooks Up Inspiration in the Kitchen

2019 Live Más Scholar Danielle McNerney shares how she is inspiring her peers to live unafraid in the kitchen and in their future endeavors.

How Taco Bell Foundation Grantees are Supporting Students Impacted By COVID-19

Taco Bell Foundation partners are adapting their programming to serve young people impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how they are doing it.

A Gap Year with City Year

City Year, a Taco Bell Foundation Nonprofit Partner, and 2019 Live Más Scholar Clark Shimeall share the impact of taking a gap year focused on community service.

Meet our 2020 Live Más Scholarship Recipients

In 2020, the Taco Bell Foundation is awarding 450+ new and renewal recipients with nearly $1.9 million in scholarships. Read more about 10 of our newest Passioneers and how they are impacting their communities.

Meet the 2020 Recipients of the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees

In 2020, the Taco Bell Foundation is awarding 157 Taco Bell Team Members with more than $1.1 million in scholarships. Learn more about 10 Team Members who are pursuing their passions and inspiring others.

Scholarship Scouts Feed People’s Lives with Unexpected Good

Each year, Taco Bell Foundation volunteers come together to help select the next class of Live Más Scholars. Whether virtually or in-person, their passion to serve is inspiring.

A Student-Led Initiative Mobilized in Response to COVID-19

2016, 2018 & 2019 Live Más Scholar Josh Payne shares how he brought together more than 250 students to work on solutions in response to COVID-19.

How Live Más Scholars are Embracing Their Time at Home

12 Live Más Scholars share tips on making the most of their time at home and staying connected during social distancing.

Taco Bell Foundation Awards $3 Million In Scholarships To Young ‘Passioneers’

How FoodFinder is Helping Families in Need

2017-2019 Live Más Scholar Jack Griffin shares how his nonprofit organization is ramping up to help even more families in the midst of COVID-19.

How I Combined My Passion for Fashion & Philanthropy

2019 Live Más Scholar Amelia Thomas shares how she started a clothing brand with a mission to give back, and her plans to help other companies do the same.

Five Tips for Transferring to a Four-Year University

2019 Live Más Scholar Daisy Cornejo shares her tips for transferring and finding community at a new school.

10 Tips on Applying for the Live Más Scholarship

We asked Live Más Scholarship recipients for tips on creating a great application video. Here’s what they had to say.

My Scholarship Connected Me With My Dream Internship

2019 Live Más Scholar Shawn Patel shares his experience interning with the Kitchen Innovation Team at Taco Bell Headquarters.

You Can Get Free Taco Bell for a Good Cause

Zaniya’s Story: I Started a Non-Profit For Girls’ Education When I Was 18 and Here’s Why

Scholars Connect at the 2019 Live Más Scholarship Workshops!

Nearly 200 Live Más Scholarship recipients attended a career development workshop to strengthen their personal brand and professional network.

Best Job Ever: Taco Bell Foundation Director

10 Live Más Scholarship Recipients Who Are Beyond Impressive

Nash C.

Meet Nash, the photojournalist.

Jazmine M.

Meet Jazmine, future international hospitality professional.

Live Más Scholars Connect in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Irvine!

One summer. Three different cities. Seventy-five Live Más Scholars.

How TCU Adviser Alma Luna Helped Create a College-Going Culture at Her Alma Mater

Meet our Future Educators

In honor of American Education Week, we’re celebrating three Live Más Scholars who are changing the world as educators.

From Tacos to Tokyo: How a Job at Taco Bell Helped Me Live My Dream

From Tacos to Tokyo: Hannah Whitaker’s Story

Meet Hannah, future international english teacher.

The New Rolodex: Your Web Of Support Is Critical To Success

James H.

Meet James, future news anchor.

Michelle H.

Meet Michelle, the STEM educator.

Smyrna Taco Bell employee awarded $25,000 scholarship

Paying Dreams Forward: My Two-Mile Journey From South Central To USC

Lenexa Teen Wins Scholarship for Building a Tool for Early Detection of Parkinson’s

Oak Grove Senior Accepted to Harvard Earns Live Más Scholarship

Raised By Deaf Parents, East Brunswick Teen Wins Scholarship

Heidi’s $25,000 Scholarship Unveil

Heidi Estrada thought she was giving a congratulatory speech, until this happened.

Tatianna M.

Meet Tatianna, the fashion designer.

Luis M.

Meet Luis, aspiring dance therapist.

Amanda R.

Meet Amanda, the mentor.

Mauricio B.

Meet Mauricio, aspiring environmental engineer.

Abby Leighton

Abby L.

Meet Abby, the artist & freelance graphic designer.

August was a Big Month for the Taco Bell Foundation’s Live Más Scholarship…

We announced our 2017 Live Más Scholarship winners with the help of a few friends!

UGA Student Awarded Live Más Scholarship

Hear about Pooja’s experience being awarded a Live Más Scholarship.

Music Festival Take Over

A few of our Live Mas Scholarship winners hosted a Taco Bell event at SXSW in Austin, Texas. From sound engineering to venue artwork, they did it all!

Live Más Scholars Create a Commercial

A few of our Live Más Scholars wrote, directed and starred in our newest commercial.

Feed a Dream Design Comp

Feed a dream design competition

Live Más Scholarship winners design Doritos Locos Taco holsters for our Feed a Dream campaign.

Jonathan C.

Meet Jonathan, aspiring filmmaker.

Winner Group Photo

I won a Live Más Scholarship

How would you react?

Social Good Summit

The Live Más Scholarship took to the stage at the Social Good Summit.

Ricarda U.

Meet Ricarda, future doctor.

Emma D.

Meet Emma, photographer and filmmaker.

Teen Vogue Interviews Mia

An Interview with Teenage Designer Mia Rickenbach.

MTV Video Music Awards

Four Live Más Scholarship winners put their passions into play to help with execution of the event.

Manny M.

Meet Manny, future environmental engineer.

Justin S.

Meet Justin, a talented writer.

Khorii T.

Meet Khorii, an aspiring dancer.

MTV Movie Awards

Here is the premiere of the ‘Fan Fueled Film’ starring Ricky Dillon, Dana Criniti, and Live Más Scholarship winner Calvin Ngu.