$50,000 Awarded to Future Educators Around the Country

Every year since 2014, the College Football Playoff Foundation (CFPF) has hosted their “Extra Yards for Teachers Week” to support educators around the country. This year, the week kicked off with a one-day nationwide celebration called the BIG DAY, which resulted in more than $4 million in investments towards teachers and K-12 education. On the BIG DAY, the Taco Bell Foundation was fortunate to team up with CFPF making it possible to surprise fifty Live Más Scholarship recipients with an additional $1,000 each to fuel their education.

As teachers must pivot quicky in the ever-changing environment created by COVID-19, dedicated, outstanding teachers are especially critical in the lives of their students. The College Football Playoff Foundation and the Taco Bell Foundation know teachers make a significant impact on their students and have the opportunity to make positive change in the lives of those they teach.

In typical Taco Bell Foundation fashion, the Scholars were surprised with the news in an exciting way. Gathered in front of their computer screens attending what they thought was a standard Zoom check-in call, Scholars were delighted to learn they were receiving additional scholarship funds with a special video announcement from TV personality Rachel Lindsey and CFPF Executive Director Britton Banowsky.

“We are honored to partner with the Taco Bell Foundation in support of these amazing future educators,” said Britton Banowsky Executive Director of College Football Playoff Foundation. “Our country needs great teachers and we are thrilled to see these rising professionals pursue a career that will make a difference in the lives of so many others.”

Once the good news set in, cries of surprise and delighted expressions of gratitude filled the call. 2020 Live Más Scholarship recipient and science educator Melisa shared, “It feels so amazing to be recognized as young education professionals and saying ‘hey, we see you, we know your job is tough but you are changing the world’ means so much. Thank you for recognizing that and supporting us in that way.”

Jeffrey, a 2016 & 2018 recipient, added, “The Taco Bell Foundation and the College Football Playoff Foundation will fund my tuition for Teachers College, Columbia University where I am pursuing my M.A. in Higher and Postsecondary Education. As a low-income student from Compton, CA, I am afforded the privilege of occupying a space that, historically, is not representative of my marginalized identities. Taco Bell and CFPF are alleviating financial stressors that are all too prevalent in pursuing higher education and I am eternally grateful.”

The Taco Bell Foundation is thrilled to support the educational dreams of youth across the nation and grateful to the College Football Playoff Foundation for their partnership. With applications for the 2021 Live Más Scholarship program now open, the Foundation is thrilled to be giving away a record breaking $7 million in scholarships to further support youth who are passionate about changing the world.

Are you a student between the ages of 16-26 interested in applying for the Live Más Scholarship? Click here to apply today!