Mauricio B.


When Mauricio applied for a Live Más Scholarship in May 2017, he was a Taco Bell team member and high school senior. Through his submission video, he shared with us his love for technology and his plans to bring electricity to underdeveloped communities in his home country of Peru. We chatted with Mauricio to learn more about where his passion for environmental engineering came from, what he hopes to accomplish in the future, and what life is like as a college freshman.
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Mauricio's Original Application Video

Inspired by his visit to Tarma, Peru

Although Mauricio moved from Lima, Peru to the United States more than two years ago, the people and the communities there remain his biggest inspiration for studying environmental engineering. In fact, Mauricio describes a visit to Tarma, Peru as one of the most influential moments in his life. “You can see all these people in the streets that don’t have anything. People that don’t have internet. They don’t have electricity.”
Although Mauricio is hopeful that Tarma will receive the assistance they need, he believes more can be done to help the people there. “We need more help. We need more people to join the cause.” As an environmental engineer, Mauricio hopes to return to Tarma and be a driving force behind the advancements.

Dreams to open his own foundation

Since applying for the Live Más Scholarship back in May, Mauricio’s long-term goals have grown. He hopes to start his own foundation to provide housing and clean water, in addition to electricity, to underdeveloped communities in Peru, like Tarma. Although Mauricio is passionate about starting his foundation in his home country of Peru, he hopes his foundation can expand globally to reach everyone in need of basic necessities.


Today, Mauricio is a freshman at Northern Arizona University (NAU) studying environmental engineering. When he isn’t in class, he plays on the intramural soccer team with his friends. He’s adjusting well to his college workload and living away from his family, but misses his mom’s delicious, home-cooked meals! Mauricio enjoys his time at NAU, meeting new people, being in a new environment, and sees college as an opportunity to explore what he wants to do and who he wants to be. Although early in his college career, Mauricio’s passion for helping others is so developed and deeply rooted in his history, we are confident Mauricio will be a world-changer—starting in Tarma, Peru.


Mauricio’s submission video was incredibly special—we knew we had to surprise him with his scholarship in an equally unique way! So we partnered with Brian Cox and Mark Reed of C&R Restaurant Group to tell Mauricio the good news. Both Mauricio’s biological family and Taco Bell family, including Area Coach Pat Martinez and General Manager Elizabeth Martin, joined us to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. Check out Mauricio’s “surprise and delight video” for his incredible reaction.
We’re so proud to have team members like Mauricio in our restaurants and to see leaders like Brian and Mark investing in their futures. Know a team member in your restaurant who is a great fit for a Live Más Scholarship? Encourage them to apply at