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The Taco Bell Foundation is primarily funded by Taco Bell Corp, Taco Bell’s Franchisees, and Taco Bell’s loyal customers and fans. Franchisees support the Taco Bell Foundation through participation in Owners’ Giving Circle, personal giving at private events, and by promoting the Round Up program. Customers and fans of the brand support the Taco Bell Foundation by rounding up their order total when they visit a Taco Bell restaurant. 











The Taco Bell Foundation’s Round Up program supports youth nationwide with scholarships, educational experiences, and community support! Through Round Up, customers and fans of the brand can donate to the Taco Bell Foundation all year long by rounding up their total to the nearest dollar at the front counter, kiosk, at the drive-thru, and on the web and mobile app. In 2021, the Round Up program raised $15 million for students nationwide. Taco Bell Franchise Owners play a large role in motivating their restaurant teams to share the Taco Bell Foundation’s mission with customers and encourage them to round up 

Thank you to the Franchise Owners whose restaurants helped raise an average of $5,000 or more per restaurant location that they own or raised a total of $1 million or more last year.


Border Foods | Tacala Companies | B & G Food Enterprises | Pete Lyders | Desert de Oro Foods  Diversified Restaurant Group | Alvarado Restaurant Nation | Pacific Bells
Bell American | Charter Foods | Taco Bell Corporate

$5K Per Restaurant Average

LynnRich | Four Corners Tacos | Mayer Management | E & C Taco | LucWork Enterprises | Taco Bucks | ES-O-EN Corporation | MTB | Seth Skogen | Denali Foods | SHAASHWAT
Border Foods | CLC Restaurants | TacoBocci | David Sparks | Engen Enterpirses | Frank Deprume  W & M Restaurants | Great Lakes Taco | MRCO | Tacala Companies
B & G Food Enterprises | MAS Restaurant Group | Pete Lyders | Plattsburgh Taco | Mahamitra      P J Enterprises | Northwest Restaurants | Ghassan Shaban | Ryan Wilber
JJC Foods | Desert de Oro Foods | Diversified Restaurant Group | Multiconcept Group | KC Bell  Vision Restaurants | C&R Restaurant Group | Martin Lobdell | U.S. Leader Restaurants
Big Rapids Taco Bell | F.W. Englefield IV | Summit Franchise Management | SOMA Enterprises  Ampex Brands West Texas | Alvarado Restaurant Nation | Clawson Management TB

The Taco Bell Foundation Champion program is comprised of socially conscious businesses that invest in the Taco Bell Foundation’s mission to break down barriers to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders through scholarships, mentorship, community support, and experiences. Become a Taco Bell Foundation Champion and make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people while bringing employee engagement and alignment as a socially-conscious company to your brand. For more information on the TBF Champion program and benefits click here.   

We would like to thank our 2022 TBF Champions who made an impact on the lives of thousands of young people this year!   

Cravings Partners




Supreme Taco Party PartnerS



Burrito PARTY Partners



Taco Party Parners

CartonCraft | Edelman | Flavor Reddy Foods | Kaleidoscope | Keurig Dr Pepper
Magical Dude Consulting | Sacramento Kings | TalentReef, a Miratech Company
Unbridled Capital


Major Event partners


Event Supporters

AGI | Brandwell | Capital Insight | Custom Seating Inc. | FBD Partnership L.P. | Fortinet
Keurig Dr Pepper | McLane Foodservice | Ronpak Inc. | Saratoga Food Specialties
Taylor Farms Produce





Taco Bell Franchise Owners can join the Owners’ Giving Circle by making a gift of $350 per Taco Bell franchise restaurant that they own. Funds support the Taco Bell Foundation’s mission to break down barriers to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders through scholarships, mentorship, community support and experiences. Members are like-minded Taco Bell franchise leaders who believe every young person deserves to pursue their passion and achieve their dreams. 

In 2022, Owners’ Giving Circle members contributed nearly $2.5 million to Live Más Scholarships for Taco Bell Team Members. 

The Taco Bell Foundation also garners support from the public through personal giving, corporate giving, and sponsorships.

Thank you to our 2022 Owners’ Giving Circle members!

58A Fulton Taco Bell | A. Cavegn, Inc. | Afzal Lokhandwala | AG Bells | Alvarado Restaurant Nation | Ampex Brands West Texas | Andy Rosen | Angeline Restaurant | Anred | Apex Restaurants | Argonaut Food Partners Nuevo | Associated Students UCLA | Atlantic Restaurants | B & G Food Enterprises | BDE Florida | Bee Mac Corporation | Bell American | Bell of Mountain View | Bertanzetti | BFS Concepts | Big Rapids Taco Bell | BK Foods | Border Foods | Buford Taco  Burton Enterprises | C&R Restaurant Group | C. & M. Smith Restaurants | Cantina Hospitality  Carolina Taco | Central Florida KFC | Central Iowa KFC | Champion Restaurants | CLATRA  Clawson Management TB | CLC Restaurants | ColCal Colorado | Columbus Mart | Crave Concepts | D. G. Smith Enterprises | Daniel Ream | Dave Evans | DeClerck Enterprises | Dee Jay’s QSR | Delect Foods | Delectable Management | Delight TB Indiana | Denali Foods | Denis Schoenhofer |  Desert de Oro Foods | Devang U. Brahmbhatt | Diversified Restaurant Group  Doug Knipp | Dunafon Enterprises | DVC Food | E & C Taco | EGP Louisiana | Engen Enterprises  ES-O-EN | Corporation | EYM Chicken of Wisconsin | F.W. Englefield IV | Fast Food Feeders  Felker Day | Fiesta Holdings | FLEW THE COOP | Florida Bells | Food Chain Nation | Four Corners Tacos | Frank Deprume | Frederick P. Gallant | Fulenwider Enterprises, Inc. | G.F. Enterprise  Garrison QSR | GBM 1037 | Ghassan Shaban | Gingles Concepts | Gladden Enterprises | GPM Investments | Great Lakes Taco | Gurmit Jhaj | Hagan & Hagan | Hawk’s Food Management Services | HAZA Bell | Hefcam | High Desert QSRs | Hospitality Syracuse | Imran and Shabana Ahmed | Intermountain Food Stores | J & S Food Sales | J.E.M. Restaurant Group | J.P.M. | J.R.S. Restaurant Corporation | Jake Rasor | James Mikula | Jefferis Foods | Jeffrey Baker | JJC Foods  John F. Arsenault | John Sims | John Teters | Johnny Outlaw | Jon Simmons | JRN Inc. | JTB Development | K T Merrill | Kai Carmel | KC Bell | Kedis Enterprises | Keith Sherman Enterprises  KMAC Enterprises | Kumar Management Corporation | L.P. Buller | Lockwood/McKinnon | Lorna Mundwiller | Lost Mesa | Loudon Sims Group | LucWork Enterprises | Luihn VantEdge Partners  MAA DURGA | Enterprise | Mahamitra | Mall Treats | Manuwar S. Haque | Marble USA | Marvin Mackin | MAS Restaurant Group | Matt Arthur | Mayer Management | McDonough Taco  Mexicana | MHF | Carbondale | Mid Atlantic Taco | Mike and Teresa, Inc. | Millennium Tacos  MMC Enterprises | Mohammad Choudhry | Morongo TB | MRCO | MTB | MTLD | Multiconcept Group | Multi-Fast Food | Nacnud | Nandini Food Corporation | Natron Corporation | Noble Pursuit, LLC | North State Investments | North Texas Bells | Northwest Restaurants | O&M TB       P J Enterprises | Pacific Bells |  Pacific West General Store | PAK Harlem Management | Paradise Foods | Paris & Potter KT of Plymouth | Phoenix Cantina of Fort Lauderdale | Plattsburgh Taco  Pyramid Service | Management | QSR NY | Quikserve Concepts | R&R Atlanta | R2 Restaurants  RAD | Raji Brar | Ramesh Patel | Rayan RE National Corporation | RBD California Restaurants Limited | RGT Foods | Robert Atwell | Roland Ball | Savannah Service & Food (YUM) | SERJ Taco California | Seth Skogen | SHAASHWAT | Shailin Corporation | Shamrock TBC | SHRI York | Silver Cricket Tacos | SMITHVILLE K T | Sodexo | SOMA Enterprises | Source Foods | Southeast Restaurant Group | Southern Multifoods | Southpaw | Srijaay | St. Mar Enterprises | Stanley Young | Summerwood Corporation | Summit Franchise Management | Sun Culinary | T & D Foods | T&T Taco | T.T. Management Company | TA Operating | Tacala Companies | Taco Aloha  Taco Bell Corporate | Taco Bucks | Taco Colorado Corporation | Taco Jim | Taco Management Solutions | TacoBocci | Tambro | TB Of America | TBC1 | Texas Taco | Thomas Scott | TME Enterprises I, LTD | Truckstop | Distributors | TYMATT | U.S. Leader Restaurants | United White Plains | V2 | VB Preferred QSR | Vijay Patel | Vision Restaurants | W & M Restaurants | Walter W. Lyon | Weber Coastal Bells | West Quality Food Service | Widder Management | Yum & Chill  Zalak Food Corporation | Zubair M. Kazi

Grande Givers

Grande Givers is a group of passionate, philanthropic individuals that chose to invest in the future of our youth and fuel their boldest ambitions. With an annual contribution of $25,000 or more, their generosity makes an extraordinary difference in the lives of our students nationwide. 

Thank you to our 2022 Founding Grande Givers, Skip & Nancy Chase!  

Event Sponsorship

 For sponsorship information please email the Taco bell Foundation.