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Who We Are


The Taco Bell Foundation helps young people explore their career passions – with scholarships, experiences and community support.


The Taco Bell Foundation
…builds self-confidence in passionate young adults.
…feeds the passions of as many as possible by creating and promoting content that inspires.
…humbly takes on educational challenges that require leadership.


Taco Bell Foundation Board
Taco Bell Foundation Board of Directors
  • Frank Tucker
    Taco Bell Corp.
  • Neil Borkan
    Vice Chairman
    NJB Operations, Inc.
  • James Cascone
    Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Leigh Anne Tuohy
    RGT Foods, Inc.
  • Mark Peterson
    Director Emeritus
    Desert de Oro Foods, Inc.
  • Linda Alvarado
    Palo Alto, Inc.
  • Lee Engler
    Border Foods, Inc.
  • Farzin Ferdowsi
    American Hospitality Group
  • Matt Grage
    Colomex, Inc.
  • Mike Grams
    Taco Bell Corp.
  • David + Kathleen Grieve
    A&C Ventures, Inc.
  • Gregory J. Hamer Sr.
    B&G Food Enterprises, LLC
  • Craig Langel
    CLC Restaurants, Inc.
  • Marjorie Perlman
    Tacala Companies
  • Steve Plank
    Taco Bell Corp.
Our Team
Our Team
  • Tina Nguyen
    Executive Director
  • Jennifer Bradbury
    Director, Business Development and Marketing
  • Lacey Gaitan
    Associate Manager, Marketing and Communications
  • Marchela Iahdjian
    Associate Manager, Programs and Partnerships
  • Belinda Lam
    Associate Manager, Finance and Technology
  • Cari Anderson
    Accountant, Finance and Technology
  • Taryn McNamara
    Associate Analyst, Finance and Technology
  • Shannon Tweed
    Associate Analyst, Marketing and Social Media
  • Marissa Lara
    Coordinator, Programs and Partnerships
  • Orly Shapiro
    Specialist, Programs and Partnerships