From Our Scholars

Live Más Scholars Host Taco Bell Foundation Fundraiser at Nashville Cantina

Live Más Scholar Spotlight: Jasmyn Jordan

Live Más Scholar Jasmyn Jordan shares how she fights for civil justice in her community and beyond

Live Más Scholar Spotlight: Sof Delgado

Live Más Scholar Sof Delago shares how they are using their passion for theatre to create social change.

How One Scholar’s Passions for Sports turned into an Opportunity for Higher Education

Live Más Scholar Andre Vasquez combines his passions for sports and helping his community.

Tribute to 2020 & 2021 Live Más Scholarship Graduates

Live Más Scholar Bryana Appley reflects on the music video tribute she created with two other scholars to honor scholars who graduated during the pandemic.

Scholar Offers Free Bilingual Personal Finance Resources

Live Más Scholar Alejandra Magaña Gamero shares the importance of making free access to basic financial literacy resources a priority

The Making of Album, “Birth of a Melodist”

Live Más Scholar Vaysou7 provides insight on the creative process and themes around his album “Birth of a Melodist.”

Capturing Mental Health Issues Through Film

Live Más Scholar Jaiden Turner shares personal journey and hope for others facing mental health issues through her short film, “Breathe.”

Combining Passions: Skateboarding and Filmmaking 

Live Más Scholar Maya Volpacchio dives into the world of women’s skateboarding and encourages others to stick with their passion.

Honoring a Veteran’s Legacy Through Film

Live Más Scholar Dylan Wallace pays tribute to his World War II veteran grandfather’s life and legacy through his documentary, War Tugs.

Finding Community and Culture in College

Live Más Scholar Leslie Ponce-Diaz shares the importance of leaving your comfort zone and embracing community as a first-generation college student.

A TV Star, CEO, and High School Student Who Cooks Up Inspiration in the Kitchen

2019 Live Más Scholar Danielle McNerney shares how she is inspiring her peers to live unafraid in the kitchen and in their future endeavors.

A Gap Year with City Year

City Year, a Taco Bell Foundation Nonprofit Partner, and 2019 Live Más Scholar Clark Shimeall share the impact of taking a gap year focused on community service.

A Student-Led Initiative Mobilized in Response to COVID-19

2016, 2018 & 2019 Live Más Scholar Josh Payne shares how he brought together more than 250 students to work on solutions in response to COVID-19.

How Live Más Scholars are Embracing Their Time at Home

12 Live Más Scholars share tips on making the most of their time at home and staying connected during social distancing.

How FoodFinder is Helping Families in Need

2017-2019 Live Más Scholar Jack Griffin shares how his nonprofit organization is ramping up to help even more families in the midst of COVID-19.

How I Combined My Passion for Fashion & Philanthropy

2019 Live Más Scholar Amelia Thomas shares how she started a clothing brand with a mission to give back, and her plans to help other companies do the same.

Five Tips for Transferring to a Four-Year University

2019 Live Más Scholar Daisy Cornejo shares her tips for transferring and finding community at a new school.

10 Tips on Applying for the Live Más Scholarship

We asked Live Más Scholarship recipients for tips on creating a great application video. Here’s what they had to say.

My Scholarship Connected Me With My Dream Internship

2019 Live Más Scholar Shawn Patel shares his experience interning with the Kitchen Innovation Team at Taco Bell Headquarters.

Zaniya’s Story: I Started a Non-Profit For Girls’ Education When I Was 18 and Here’s Why

From Tacos to Tokyo: How a Job at Taco Bell Helped Me Live My Dream