10 Tips on Applying for the Live Más Scholarship

With Live Más Scholarship applications now open, you may be wondering how you can make your application stand out in the crowd. Unlike traditional scholarships, the Live Más Scholarship doesn’t require any test scores, essays, or athletic skills. To apply, all you have to do is submit a two-minute video that tells us what you hope to achieve through your passion.

Since we realize sharing your story can be a little challenging, we asked our experts for tips on how to create a great application video. Check out the list below for advice from 10 Live Más Scholars!

    1. Don’t allow fear to stop you from applying. It’s better to apply and not be awarded than to never apply and never know. – Hannah S., 2019 recipient


    1. Film in ample lighting and in a quiet environment to ensure you can be seen and heard clearly. Your story matters and deserves to be heard! – Andrew J., 2016 and 2018 recipient


    1. Show your passion, rather than solely talking about it. – Michelle H., 2018 and 2019 recipient


    1. Start recording video clips early. The more content you have immersed in your passion, the more accurately you can portray what you love doing and why. – Allyssa C., 2019 recipient


    1. Don’t stress over the video production. You don’t have to be a professional videographer or editor to make a video. It’s the thought and effort that counts. – Tony S., 2019 recipient


    1. Worry less about being the “best” or “most talented” at your passion—focus most on what makes you unique. – Javier L., 2019 recipient


    1. Share where your passion comes from. Your origin story is powerful! – Kelly M., 2018 and 2019 recipient


    1. Talk about future projects that excite you. Your energy will make you glow! – Alex B., 2018 and 2019 recipient


    1. Be creative. I only showed my face for 10 seconds in my video and used figurines and models for the rest. – Kyle H., 2018 recipient


  1. Be authentically and unapologetically yourself. – Michelle D., 2019 recipient


From left to right: Michelle H., Alex B., Kelly M., and Hannah S.

Watch this video for more information on how to apply and be sure to share these resources with your friends. Visit LiveMasScholarship.com to apply today.