Congrats to our 2024 Live Más Scholarship Recipients!

Recipients by State

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Applications are reviewed based on the following:

Passion: Applicant demonstrates a passion they want to pursue in life and explain the steps they are currently taking to pursue that passion and/or their plans to do so in the future.
Social Impact: Applicant has a clear goal that they want to achieve to create positive change in their community and beyond and is committed to making it happen.
Personal Presentation: Applicant shares their personal story in an emotionally inspiring and authentic way.
Educational Goals: Applicant shares their current educational plan (education program, college, or certificate/degree program) and explains how it will enable them to pursue their passion and create a positive impact.

Eligibility & faqs

Inspire us with your passion, and we’ll help you change the world.

The Live Más Scholarship is for students who are pursuing higher education, preparing for the workforce, or using their passion to ignite change in their communities and beyond. We believe in you – no matter where you are in your journey, whether just recognizing your strengths and developing your passion or bringing it to life and inspiring others to join you. 
This program is more than a scholarship. We’re not merely a one-off check writer – we’re a continued partner and collaborator who’ll be there with connections and opportunities throughout your journey to help your passion shine so brightly, it changes the world. 


In 2018, the Taco Bell Foundation introduced a Live Más Scholarship Renewal Program to continue supporting our previous recipients along their educational journeys. Scholarships are awarded to previous Live Más Scholarship recipients who clearly explain through a 2-minute video how they have furthered the pursuit of their passion since winning a Live Más Scholarship.

Renewal Program