Resilience & Momentum

Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 from 12:00-1:30pm PT 
Keynote: Sarah Wells, Olympian 
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Everyone is looking for the “right” next step as we move through the pandemic crisis. We want to take action, but our motivation and resilience may feel like it’s at an all-time low. Join us in this keynote session to learn about the power of resilience in overcoming hurdles, goal setting and building motivation with a few principles: 
  • You have a choice 
  • What’s your hurdle? 
  • You are what you believe
  • Control the controllable
One lucky attendee will be gifted a spot in Sarah’s Leadership Launch Program, valued at $1,000!

About Sarah

Olympian Sarah Wells is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. As founder of the Believe Initiativecreator of the Momentum Method, and an Olympic semifinalist and Pan Am Games silver medalist in the 400m hurdles, Sarah’s reputation was built through overcoming challenges and achieving the “impossible. During Sarah’s pursuit to excellence, she was fortunate to achieve the pinnacle of her sport. But potentially more importantly, she had to learn to deal with heartbreaking defeat and unforeseen challenges. This equipped Sarah with the knowledge and tools on how to build and foster resilience.
Sarah knows that sometimes we can feel like our circumstances define our outcomes, sometimes we can think the obstacles we see are so indestructible they seem like brick walls and we can’t see past them, and sometimes we don’t even see our own potential or the opportunity beyond it. During this crazy time of COVID-19, Sarah wants to share her story and Momentum Method to help you navigate the uncertainty and unforeseen challenges.