Leadership Launch



This program will help you take an idea, find a focus point and launch it! Olympian Sarah Wells will share all her intellectual property and knowledge gained from growing the Believe Initiative into a program that has helped inspire more than 100,000 people across North America. You’ll learn to discover your superpowers, work on connecting your passion to solving a problem, and how to execute the goal setting, time management, and action plan to LAUNCH that idea.

The entire process is based on leveraging three important areas of your life:

  • Understanding yourself and your gifts/skills – This will allow you to see how your unique skills and passions can be applied to add value in ways that are unique to you.
  • Creating a path forward – Designing your days, goals, and plans using Sarah’s Olympic training principles which will help you focus and understand your next steps.
  • Creating community – Learning how to include people in your journey to help you achieve your goals, and ask for almost anything.
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