For our Live Más Scholarship recipients, funding is only part of their experience—we are committed to providing real-world opportunities for our scholars to put their passion into action. To do this, we partnered with Taco Bell franchise organizations Border Foods, Summerwood Corporation, and restaurant owners in the Los Angeles area to host three career development workshops across the country to help local scholars prepare for life after college. Scroll down to read more about the connections these students made!


In total, more than 75 Live Más Scholars met up to attend our workshops in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Irvine. At all three workshops, students were challenged to develop their “21st century skills”—the technical capabilities, work habits, and character traits that are instrumental to success in today’s workplace. Over the course of three days, they exercised their critical thinking skills through a group project, flexed their creativity with goal-setting and relationship-building activities, and received career advice from fellow entrepreneurs and Taco Bell company leaders—including Taco Bell President of North America, Julie Felss Masino!


Each Live Más Scholar brings their own originality to our community—they possess a skill, talent, perspective, or vision that is distinct from any other! Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of the workshops stemmed from their ability to simply interact with one another and discover the special characteristics each one of them brings. “Going into [the workshop], there was no way I could have predicted how quickly we would come together as a community,” said Haley, a 2018 Live Más Scholarship recipient and Minneapolis workshop attendee. “I am so grateful for the connections I made within this group of incredible students.”


The workshops served as an opportunity for our scholars to connect with the extended Taco Bell community—from the crew at the local Taco Bell restaurant, to the franchise owners, to their fellow Live Más Scholars. The message for our scholars was clear: Never stop pursuing your dreams. You have a whole community of leaders that support the continuous development of your passion.
Thank you to the franchise organizations and Taco Bell company leaders that made this summer of workshops possible. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in 2019.