Taco Bell Foundation Launches the 2024 Ambition Accelerator

Posted March 8, 2024

Ambition Accelerator is back and bolder than ever! The Taco Bell Foundation’s signature social entrepreneurship program (funded by Yum! Brand’s Unlocking Opportunity Initiative) is now open for its second year of applications, this time with more opportunities to drive positive change—now in both the U.S. and India.  

The program invites young rising movers and shakers—also known as changemakers—to pitch their community impact ideas for a chance to receive up to $25,000 in funding. As a bonus, this year’s winner will get to fulfill their Crunchwrap cravings with a Taco Bell gift card provided by Taco Bell! By fueling up on their favorite menu items, the winner will be able to dedicate more time and resources towards what matters: advancing their social impact goals. 

In addition to the chance to win funding, all applicants have the chance to join a community of peers and mentors who are leaders in the social impact space. There will be two summits, one in the U.S. for selected U.S. participants and one in India for selected Indian participants, where teams will have the chance to participate in a two-day event. Semi-finalists in the U.S. will be flown to Taco Bell’s headquarters for exclusive access to networking, additional funding and mentorship opportunities to advance their projects.

A young person with a good idea can change the world, and when they realize their power as a changemaker, the resulting ripple effect can change mindsets and drive structural change within their communities and even institutions. The Ambition Accelerator aims to empower the bold ambitions of the next generation as they address inequitable broken systems and pursue positive change, supporting and championing young innovators to be the leaders of today. 

“As an organization, we’re passionate about connecting young people with the tools they need to chase their dreams,” said Jennifer Bradbury, Executive Director of the Taco Bell Foundation. “The Ambition Accelerator enables young minds to transform their bold ideas into impactful realities, fostering a generation of changemakers who will shape a brighter future for us all.” 

New this year, the program is expanding and is calling on social impact drivers across India. Young changemakers in India will have the chance to access ₹1,000,000 (10 lakhs) in funding and an opportunity to be flown to an inaugural event in Bangaluru, India to pitch their ideas and projects to drive positive change. 

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, applications are open to residents of the United States, U.S. Territories or India now through March 14, 2024 (11:59 PM PST) in the US and March 15, 2024 (10:29 AM) in India. Applicants must be at least 16 at the time of application and not older than 26 by the end of the entry period. Please visit www.tacobellfoundation.org/ambition-accelerator/ for more details.