From San Francisco to Philadelphia

For our recipients, the Live Más Scholarship is more than money; it’s a community that spans across the nation with resources to power our students’ passions in school and beyond. Each year, this network comes to life at a series of career development workshops.
This summer, nearly 200 scholars connected with one another in San Francisco, Irvine, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. From guest speakers to networking clinics to problem-solving activities, our scholars explored two large themes: how to follow your passion in the professional world, and how to use it to serve others.

Building Community and Personal Brand

All of our Live Más Scholars are guided by a unique set of skills, visions, and values. It’s our responsibility to help them identify the pillars of their personal brand to fuel their professional success. Through our partnership with MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, scholars refined their interviewing and resume-writing skills, preparing them for future networking opportunities and mentoring relationships.
“I feel much more confident with my resume,” said Rachel W., a 2019 Live Más Scholarship recipient and Minneapolis workshop attendee. “The networking session allowed me to connect with someone in my field and helped me understand my personal brand.” By using their passion to build their professional network, our scholars are empowered to lead with authenticity in the workplace and beyond.

Igniting Change

Many of our Live Más Scholars serve as changemakers in their local communities. Through our workshops, students learn how to share their vision with others to expand their impact on the communities that need them most. At each workshop, scholars connected with local nonprofit leaders to explore social and environmental issues. Students used the empathy and learnings gained to pitch potential solutions.
“The guest speakers inspired me to work creatively with others to find real solutions to help my community,” said Drew B., a 2019 Live Más Scholarship recipient and Minneapolis workshop attendee. Students are inspired to motivate others and ignite change together.

Leading and Learning with Others

Our scholarship recipients hail from every state across the nation, and these workshops offer them an opportunity to connect in-person. Although their backgrounds, perspectives, and passions are diverse, their collaboration fosters incredible growth. “I created long-lasting friendships with the other scholars. Even after the workshop, we keep in touch and I’ve learned a great deal from their diverse backgrounds and experiences,” said Praneeth P., a 2019 Live Más Scholarship recipient and Philadelphia workshop attendee. By uniting scholars across the country through a series of individual and group projects, each student has the opportunity to lead and learn from others.
We’re passionate about supporting the holistic development of our scholars. The Live Más Scholarship is more than money—it’s a catalyst to students’ long-term success. Thank you to Taco Bell franchisees, Taco Bell corporate leaders, and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership for making these workshops possible.