Check out the prizes Scholars can win when participating in Summer of Inspiration sessions!

Leadership Launch – This program will help you take an idea, find a focus point and launch it! Olympian Sarah Wells will share all her intellectual property and knowledge gained from growing the Believe Initiative into a program that has helped inspire more than 100,000 people across North America. You’ll learn to discover your superpowers, work on connecting your passion to solving a problem, and how to execute the goal setting, time management, and action plan to LAUNCH your idea.
High Performing Student Leadership Program – Gain access to an online program that helps you feel more confident about your future by giving you the tools, systems and strategies you need to lay the foundation to reach your goals. Learn more here. 
Taco Bell Swag – Win select Taco Bell merchandise, including t-shirts and accessories from Taco Bell’s official Taco Shop.


Prizes may vary. To view the official rules, click here.