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The efforts of Taco Bell Foundation are powered by supporters like you! Taco Bell Franchise owners, Taco Bell vendors, Taco Bell consumers and Taco Bell fans – without your generous donations, none of this would be possible.


The Taco Bell Foundation’s Round Up program supports youth nationwide with scholarships and educational programming. Our customers have the opportunity to donate to the Taco Bell Foundation all year long by “rounding up” their total to the nearest dollar at the front counter or kiosks in Taco Bell restaurants across the country.
Money raised provides grants to organizations focused on supporting youth education, career readiness and youth advancement, as well as funds the Live Más Scholarship to support the educational needs of future young leaders across the country. Click here for Round Up FAQs.


Fundraiser POP

Each year, the Taco Bell Foundation works closely with Taco Bell franchisees and restaurant teams to raise money through National Fundraisers benefiting youth-serving organizations across the country. The funds raised go back to young people who need us most in the 6,000+ communities where our restaurants are located.


Thanks to the generosity of Taco Bell owners, the Taco Bell Foundation is able to fuel the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees and provide educational funding to ambitious, hardworking youth in our very own restaurants.

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Through a partnership with Taco Bell Corporate and the Taco Bell Franchise Management Advisory Council (FRANMAC), the Taco Bell Foundation hosts multiple fundraising events throughout the year that support the Foundation’s efforts to equip the next generation of innovators, creators and dreamers in fulfilling their educational and career aspirations.

Taco Bell Foundation Champions

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